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Makeup Tips for Contact Wearers from your Hamburg, MI Optometrist

For those who use contacts there are a number of guidelines that should be followed when it comes to applying cosmetics. Here are some basic pointers on ways to make sure you keep your eyes beautiful and safe.

Buying Makeup

First of all, eye care professionals strongly suggest you buy only cosmetics that are oil and fragrance free. Further, to avoid flaking or smudging, which could result in irritating your contacts, purchase water-resistant mascara and eye liner pencils. Finally it's important to replace eye makeup frequently - it is preferable to switch mascara once a month, eyeliner every three months and shadows after half a year.

How to Safely Apply Makeup

Be careful to rinse your hands thoroughly prior to inserting your lenses. Put on eye shadow, liner and mascara with care to prevent damaging your lenses. Make sure you don't apply mascara or eye liner to the inside lid and apply mascara from the middle of the lashes as opposed to the bottom near the lid. Don't let another use your makeup or apply when your eyes are swollen or irritated.

It's also very important to remove makeup each night with a hypoallergenic, oil-free remover. Don't forget to remove contacts before cleaning off makeup.

Being careful when applying makeup during contact use can avoid irritated, swollen or inflamed eyes and damage to the contacts.

When your eyes become swollen or irritated don't apply any cosmetics around the eyes. Feel free to contact your eye care practitioner if you have any swelling, discomfort, or itchiness. Our Hamburg, MI optometrist can help you with any contact lens issues that you may be having.


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