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The Importance of Early Eye Disease Detection

For those of us with healthy eyes, we might miss the importance of a routine eye test. However, early detection of any eye or vision problems is crucial to keeping your eyes healthy. And all it requires is a simple eye test.

A significant number of eye and vision problems have no apparent signs. Therefore, individuals are often unaware that problems exist. You can book a thorough optical examination at our office in Hamburg, MI , with our experienced optometry staff. Our Hamburg office employs cutting-edge equipment to provide you with a complete eye exam.

Glaucoma affects over three million Americans proving to be the main source of blindness. Glaucoma is sometimes nicknamed ''the sneak thief of sight'' because it can cause significant damage absent of forewarning. Nearly two-thirds of adults in America don't use eye glasses or contacts and don't get comprehensive eye exams, thus leaving their eyes at risk.

The danger is that the majority of Americans are not aware that sight-stealing diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration are often a-symptomatic and without a routine eye exam are often diagnoses only after it's too advanced.

Early eye disease detection should be a priority. Be sure to schedule regular eye exams with your local eye doctor in order to maintain your vision and eye health for many long years.


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