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Toys and Eye Safety

Sometimes it's difficult to choose toys that are safe for our kids' eyes.

Children are born with an only partially developed visual system. Nothing stimulates a child's visual development more easily than play, which involves hand-eye coordination and learning about spatial relationships. Between the ages of 0-3 months, babies can't totally differentiate between colors, so simple black and white shapes and patterns are really great for their age group.

Since kids spend a great deal of time playing with their toys, parents need to make sure their toys are safe for both their overall health, and their sight. Kids should play with toys that are made for their own age group. Don't forget to check that the toy is developmentally appropriate, too. Even though companies indicate targeted age groups on the box, it is up to you to make the call, and make sure your child doesn't play with anything that could be dangerous for them.

Steer clear of toys that have points or edges or sharp components for little kids, and if your kids have toys with long handles, like pony sticks, always make sure the ends aren't sharp. Closely watch toddlers when they play with those kinds of toys.

For children below 6, stay clear of toys with flying parts, like arrows. Even when they're older than 6, always closely watch children playing with toys like that. On the other hand, if you have teens who enjoy chemistry sets or woodworking tools, always make sure they wear correct safety eyewear.

So the next time you're thinking about a gift, keep in mind the age and developmental recommendations on toys. Ensure that toys you buy won't pose any risk to your child - even if your child really wants it.


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