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Fresh Lenses, Clear Eyes

Do you ever end up leaving your soft contact lenses in for too long? It's a pretty accepted fact that a lot of things are a whole lot better when they're fresh. It's no surprise that the same can be used to understand the importance of changing your lenses. You should never leave your contacts in for any longer than you're supposed to. Of course, it might not seem so bad to wear them just one more time, if you want your eyes to look healthy, keep to the lens regime your optician gives you. This means that if you've been instructed to change them daily, change them daily, because they're not made to withstand reuse.

You might think to yourself, can't I just squeeze two or three extra wears out of them? In order to better understand this, let's take a look at protein - not the dietary kind, but the natural protein that is a main component of the tears and eye fluids that slowly accumulates on the surface of your lenses and creates a mild haze. Blurry vision is just the beginning.

Over time, these proteins transform and make your immune system think the formation is something foreign, and this can lead to inflammation in the eye. And when this occurs, your eyesight suffers. Dust and pollen also build up on the lens, slowly make it less clear. But even when people take great care of their contacts, sooner or later they stop being as clear and smooth, just due to regular wear and tear.

It's best to stick to the routine your eye care professional has instructed you to. Nobody has the same eyes, so only your optometrist should determine the right contact lens replacement routine for you. If you replace your lenses on schedule, you'll never even recognize the difference that becomes so apparent when you wear them any longer than you're meant to.


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