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Livingston Eye Care Associates Reviews

We're so glad we switched to Livingston EyeCare. They do a very detailed and professional job. My wife and I needed new glasses and they arrived in only 4 days. It doesn't get any better than that.

Thomas Magill
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I was extremely impressed with Dr. Sheere. She was very thorough and helpful. Instead of just treating the symptoms, she took the time and explained how we would find the root cause. The office itself is very clean, updated and friendly.”​

Justy Yavello
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I have been going here for years and I've never had a bad experience. Dr. Debra Sheere is probably the best eye doctor I have ever met. Highly recommended. Good for kiddos too, as staff is patient, welcoming, an friendly.”​

Kelly Schaub
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I love the people that work there as well as the eye doctor. They are always very helpful and nice. In fact before I started going there for eye exams they would repair my glasses for free that I had purchased somewhere else. I have been to other eye places and I was nothing but a number, the eye doctor was only with me maybe 3 minutes. At Livingston the eye doctor does most of the exam, he is caring and calming. Then when it came time for the glasses they are all so patient and kind to me. I don't believe their prices are higher than any other "real" eye care places. Can you get them cheaper, probably, but I am a firm believer you get what you pay for. They are always willing to work with me on the price as well. So to Livingston Eye Care, I say thank you for being there for me.”​

Cherry Rowton
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I been getting my eye exams every year since I was little and I have never had an exam as thorough as the one I received at Livingston EyeCare. The staff was nice and upbeat. I don't have insurance and they had packages for glasses that were cheap and great. I am thinking about going back and getting a pair of sunglasses!! If you need an exam or glasses I recommend Livingston EyeCare!!”​

Mel S.
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