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Gifts, Toys, and Eye Safety Guidelines

Holiday season is right around the corner and we all know what that means, dolls, radio controlled airplanes, and Leapster Explorers. Well intentioned parents love treating the little ones to the coolest toys to start off the New Year.
Leading optometry specialists advise that family members learn and relay to relatives some guidelines about eye-safe toys. Mishaps involving toys do occur, occasionally causing damage to eyes, or even blindness.

Below are a few guidelines to protect kids from toy related harm:

  1. Remember, age suitable toys only! Be careful not to permit small siblings to play with toys made for older brothers or sisters.

  2. Demonstrate to children how to play safely. Prior to play check new toys and games for broken or loose pieces.

  3. Look after small children during playtime.

  4. Protect little eyes by tossing out toy or games with jagged or staggered edges or catapult launchers.

Before you purchase that toy or game that your child has been pleading with you for, take a few minutes to look over eye safety guidelines when it comes to children's toys and games. The holidays are a great time for creating special moments with your loved ones, not the ER doctor. Avoid a trip to the ER this year and have a joyous holiday.


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