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Sunblock in the Eyes- OUCH!

Individuals who have unfortunately gotten sunblock in their eyes know firsthand how excruciating it can be. In fact, someone who has experienced a severe case may compare it to mace or pepper spray. It can take hours until the victim can open his eyes, particularly in the glaring sun.

There's no doubt getting sunblock in your eyes is likely to ruin a day of fun in the sun. Though the discomfort will likely remain for a while, relief will come sooner with the right attention.

The best treatment is to flush out the eye beneath running water for some time. Doing so will flush the sunscreen out of the eye however it probably won't relieve the irritation at once. For discomfort, cool, wet compresses to the eyes may have a soothing effect. Using eye drops such as ClearEyes may help in rinsing out the eye, but it is likely they will cause burning.

Even after the eyes are flushed, vision will probably remain blurred for a while. If discomfort continues after a few hours see your eye care professional.

Tips for Sunblock Safety

  1. Do not spray sunscreen straight on the face. Always apply to the hands and rub into the face.

  2. Never let little children apply sunblock on their own.

  3. Keep lotion out of reach of children.

  4. Don't let small children rub in sunscreen. If they have it on their hands they may rub it in their eyes.

  5. Do not apply sunscreen too close to the eyes.

  6. Wear large sunglasses to guard the eyes and the surrounding areas from UV rays.

We are Ready to See You Safely.

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