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Senaptec Sensory Tablet

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The Senaptec Sensory Training System includes a multitude of tools designed to improve visual and sensorimotor skills.

There are currently 7 tools are being offered in the Senaptec Sensory Training app:
Eye Hand Coordination – Designed to train the speed and accuracy of visually guided hand response to rapidly changing target.
Go No Go – Designed to train quickness and accuracy of decision making in pressure situations.
Dynamic Vision – Designed to train dynamic visual acuity.
Perception Training – Designed to train speed and span perception.
Multiple Object Tracking – Designed to train the ability to track the movement of multiple objects at the same time.
Depth Perception Training – Designed to improve sensitivity to depth information.
Near Far Quickness Training – Designed to improve the ability to quickly shift your focus between near and far objects.

RightEye Training

RightEye offers a variety of Vision Training Games played solely with eye movements. It takes superior tracking, peripheral awareness and oculomotor control in order to accumulate points and blast the competition. These interactive gaze-controlled games combine the thrill of gaming with innovative eye-tracking technology to improve gaze control, accuracy, and eye movement speed.

Imagine exploding things with only your eyes! The games feature bubbles, asteroids, aliens and mazes and include functionalities to monitor visual reaction time, peripheral range and recognition, accuracy, speed and smoothness of eye movements. After athletes play the games, doctors receive reports that show scores for speed, and accuracy, allowing us to track and assess improvement over time.