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Our Testimonials

My doctor and her assistant were excellent. Very helpful and easy to get along with. The salesperson was the most offensive person I have ever purchased something from. It took everything I had in me to not walk out of there without purchasing the glasses.
7 months ago
- Dale M.
I was extremely impressed with Dr. Sheere. She was very thorough and helpful. Instead of just treating the symptoms, she took the time and explained how we would find the root cause. The office itself is very clean, updated and friendly.
1 year ago
- Justy Y.
So you can go inside for exam and pick out frames but have to sit in your vehicle and wait for them to bring your glasses to you. Then they go back inside to make adjustments. Makes absolutely no sense. If the masks work so well let me inside so that I know my glasses are perfect for me.....right?
1 year ago
- Tracy R.
We're so glad we switched to Livingston EyeCare. They do a very detailed and professional job. My wife and I needed new glasses and they arrived in only 4 days. It doesn't get any better than that 🙂
1 year ago
- Thomas M.
My home
1 year ago
- Deborah S.
Very professional welcoming environment. All the staff is very accommodating and flexible with schedule. Appreciate how thorough the exam was and how forth coming the doctor was answering my questions.
2 years ago
- Natalie M.
I was unaware this place was even in existence until I snapped my eyeglasses and had to get them fixed in a pinch. I came in with 2 broken pairs of eyeglasses and was back on the road within 5 minutes thanks to these folks...and they wouldn't even accept my money as a thank you! Super chill waiting area with upbeat desk staff and a magician of an optician for those wondering.
5 years ago
- Zach B.